Texas Symbols

Our Gifted & Talented group has been working over the last few weeks to create a new state symbol. Students brought their projects to school today and they did a FANTASTIC job! 

What time is it?

Second graders are learning to tell time to the nearest minute using both digital and analog clocks. Have your child practice telling time by reading the clocks around your home!

Alex, Mikah, Preston, and Joseph match digital clocks to analog clocks.
Paola and Kate playing time dominoes. 

Superstar Sound Energy

Over the past week, students have been investigating the effects on an object by increasing or decreasing amounts of light, heat, and sound energy. With the help of our Amazing parents, shoe boxes were donated to test the effect on sound energy. Throughout the experiment we discussed the different sounds, pitch and vibrations that we were testing.  Depending on the size of box, stiffness of rubber bands, cut out on box and the pressure we apply; our sound, pitch and vibrations were constantly changing.  As you can see we had a blast "Practicing" and listening for our sounds.

Welcome To NeSmith!

One of the projects that the KC Club has taken on this year is making new students at NeSmith feel welcome. Our second grade club members met and put together goodie bags filled with school supplies, a snack, stickers, and some other fun things to make our new students feel right at home. Each member will be taking a turn this year, and as new students arrive, they will take the goodie bag to the new student's classroom and introduce themselves. We want the new Braves to know that their KC Club buddy will always be a friendly face!

Kamryn welcomes Mya in Ms. Kennedy's class.

Jackson welcomes Trevor from Mrs. Bailey's class.

Oh My How Time Flies...

 Today is the day that our timelines were due.  This project was a way to reinforce the application of timelines while applying it to our own personal lives.  Each student was to be as creative as they would like and make a timeline of all of the important events in their lives.  The Kiddos did an AMAZING job.  The time and details that they put into them was amazing.  Watching their eyes light up as they presented their timeline to the class was priceless. We have our timelines hanging up in the hallway and would love for you to come by and take a look :)  

Clayton and Gracie

Henry Kindler

Hunter, Paige, Quinton, Jake, Kaylynn, Zoe
Joshua and Jacob B.

Jonah and Sarah 

Landon and Parker
Haleigh Chan

Sommer Jones

Peyton Steele

Movement with Marbles

Painting with marbles helped us to learn more about movement and science.  We also completed the following synectics matrix to describe how the marbles rolled:
  • Similar to roll:  Doing cartwheels (Cheyenne)
  • Rolling feels like:  Smooth, fast  (Alyssa, Kaylee)
  • Opposite of roll:  Sliding on the slide because how we sit doesn't change; Stopping (Kasie, Devon)
  • Something else that is similar to roll:  Going down the hill at the park (Armani)
  • Redefine roll:  Turn over and over and over

Kaitlyn show off her marble masterpiece!

Shanna concentrates while rolling her marble in the paint.

Number Lines

As part of our study of number lines, students created their own number lines using their skip counting skills. Tables worked together to identify points on the number line and they had a great time put their new knowledge to use!

Students have also been exploring the ways that number lines are used to measure things like time and temperature. We are also finding out out how number lines can help us to see events over days, months, and years in social studies as we explore timelines.

We can't wait to see the timelines students have created about their own lives on October 22nd!

A Taste of Enemy Pie

It was the perfect summer. That is, until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became Enemy Number One. Luckily, Dad has a surefire way to get rid of enemies-Enemy Pie. But one of the secret ingredients is spending an entire day with the enemy!

In this funny yet endearing story, one little boy learns an effective recipe for turning a best enemy into a best friend. With charming illustrations that bring to life the difficulties and ultimate rewards of making new friends, Enemy Pie serves up a sweet lesson in friendship.
After reading the story Enemy Pie, we decided to make a tray to describe the events that happened in the story.  We started off with the characters which led into setting. On the bottom of our tray we placed the events in order starting with the beginning then middle and finally end. 

We sure do know how to retell a story :)
L to R: Clayton, Paige, Jacob Snow, Gracie

Back L : Quinton, Parker, Landon
Front L: Zoe, Haleigh

L to R: Sarah, Jonah, Hunter

L to R: Jacob Bell, Breauna, Brayden, Peyton

L to R: Kaylynn, Henry, Dayana, Joshua, Pablo

Additional Information about Enemy Pie can be found at http://enemypie.com/blog1/about-enemy-pie/

Safety First....

We had such an AWESOME day today.  We started out our morning with a fire drill.  I am pretty sure we made it out in record time.  All of our second grade superstars were on their toes. Once we came back in we had a tornado drill and again did a really fantastic job :)  At 9:30, is when we were able to put our knowledge to work.  We had our annual Fire Prevention Assembly. With the help of the Nevada and Josephine Fire Department we were able to learn what E.D.I.T.H. stands for. Do you know??  It stands for Exit Drills in the Home.  This is super important to know when we are at School too. Knowing where to go and the fastest way to get there, will help us if there is ever an emergency get back to our family. 

Have a Great Weekend!!!

The Fire Safety Clown was looking for some helpers to learn.

We all learned to check the batteries in our smoke detectors at home.  Just to be on the SAFE side.

The Josephine and Nevada Fire Department sure do know how to say Goodbye. They gave every student a high five as we were leaving the gym.  Thank you!
You guys and gals ROCK!

Getting "Pumped up" for Fire Safety :)

Second Grade waiting for the presentation to start. 

Our Second Grade Superstars getting ready to sing the Fire Safety Song :)

All of the students at NeSmith were listening to find out about Fire Safety.

As the Nevada and Josephine Fire Department walked out, we all gave  them High Fives.

**Special thank you to the 
Josephine and Nevada Fire Department 
for coming out and spending the morning with us **